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Notice of cessation of a right to control a certain number of votes represented by voting shares which constitute the charter capital of the issuer 2019.06.25
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Notice of meeting of the board of directors and its agenda 2019.06.24
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Notice of date of identification of persons entitled to exercise rights to securities 2019.06.24
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Notice of accrual of income on issuerĺs equity securities 2019.06.24
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Notice of expiration of the term of appointment of members of the collegial executive body of the issuer 2019.06.24
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Notice of decisions of the general shareholders meeting of the issuer 2019.06.24
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Regulations on Remunerations and Reimbursement of Members of Board of Directors of PJSC Uralkali 2019.06.24
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Notice of conclusion of a significant transaction by the issuer 2019.05.31
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Notice of decisions of the board of directors 2019.05.31
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Notice of income paid on the issuerĺs equity securities 2019.05.29
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