Health and Safety

Absence of fatalities, incidents, accidents and occupational diseases is one of the most important tasks of the Company. We recognise our responsibility not only to employees but also to their families and society as a whole.

Therefore, we strive to create the most comfortable and favourable working conditions. However, achieving a zero accident rate is only possible if each worker adheres to safety rules.

Safety is one of the key elements of our Code of Corporate Culture:

“Safety is an unconditional value that must be an integral part of any action or decision. We understand that careless, thoughtless and irresponsible actions may have tragic implications not only for ourselves and our colleagues, but also for our families and friends. No achievement or economic benefit can justify loss of life or damage to a person’s health.”

  • Absence of fatalities
  • Absence of industrial accidents
  • Prevention and reduction of occupational diseases amongst employees

  • The Group’s lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) has not changed compared to 2014
  • The lost day rate (LDR) across the group declined by 20%
  • 4,268 employees trained and certified in occupational health and safety
  • All of the Group’s employees were tested on their knowledge of the Cardinal Rules
  • Workplaces at the main production unit were certified at Uralkali according to requirements on working conditions
  • Hazardous production facilities were identified and re-registered by hazard class
  • Gas transport system safety certificates were issued
  • 52 facilities were declared fire safe. The number of fire outbreaks decreased by 37%