Ordinary shares

As of 27 July 2020, the charter capital of Uralkali amounts to RUB 649,292,999.5 divided into 1,268,585,999 ordinary shares with the face value of RUB 0.5 each.

Stock exchanges

Uralkali’s ordinary shares are accepted for trading on the Moscow Exchange (URKA).

Trading floors of Uralkalis shares and GDRs

Regulation S GDRs

Regulation S GDRs

Ordinary Shares RU0007661302
The state registration number of the securities issue: 1-01-00296-


Joint Stock Company VTB Registrar
23, Pravdy St., Building 10, Moscow 127015, Russian Federation
Tel: +7(495)787-44-83
Web: www.vtbreg.com
E-mail: info@vtbreg.ru
Register management licence
Licence number: 045-13970-000001
Date of issue: 21 February 2008
Validity period : without limitation as to period of validity
Issuing authority: The Federal Financial Markets Service of Russia