Any company is a part of society and cannot exist in isolation from its rules, needs and realities. This relationship involves not only legal considerations regarding industrial activities, but the whole of the communications network between the Company and local communities.

For a company as large as Uralkali this relationship is particularly tight and important, as our production employs a high number of people from Berezniki and Solikamsk. We understand that all of our social projects, whether infrastructure, sports, environmental or cultural and entertainment projects, first and foremost improve the standard of living of our employees, their families and friends.

Therefore, Uralkali takes a very active part in the life of the towns where it operates by investing in education, culture, healthcare and general administrative urban development.

Taking into account the key principles of sustainable development, Uralkali regards its involvement in the social development of the regions where it operates as vital to the successful growth of the business.

In all its activities, the Company aims to strike a balance between its own interests, those of its employees and the broader stakeholder universe.

  • Socio-economic development in the regions where Uralkali operates
  • Provision of comfortable and safe living conditions
  • Social partnership, trust and efficient dialogue with local communities and authorities
  • Total social investments amounted to about RUB 337 million
  • Co-financing of activities as part of the programme for the resettlement of residents from old and dilapidated housing in Berezniki
  • The project for the development of youth basketball in the towns of Berezniki and Solikamsk
  • The project for the arrangement of recreation areas in Berezniki and Solikamsk, which include a street workout area and a childrenĺs playground