In March 2013 Uralkali started a large-scale project for the development of child and youth basketball in Berezniki and Solikamsk supported by the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of the Perm region as well as the Berezniki and Solikamsk town administrations.

The purpose of the project is to popularise basketball as an accessible sport for a large number of people, as well as to promote a healthy lifestyle among young people in Berezniki and Solikamsk. The project should unite the maximum number of children and young people with a common goal and give each of them an opportunity to engage in physical activity close to where they live. In addition, an important goal of the project is to distract the younger generation of both towns from social hazards.

In the next five years, as part of the project, 75 basketball classes will be created at the towns’ schools and children's sports facilities, more than ten sports halls will undergo renovation, and new uniforms and equipment will be purchased. 1,600 children aged between 7 and 17 are expected to participate in the new sports classes over the duration of the programme. Teenagers will be able to exercise even when they are on holidays: basketball classes will be organised in summer sports camps in the Perm region. Each year the best players will represent Berezniki and Solikamsk at the All-Russian Mini-Basketball Festival in Anapa and will attend workshops in Serbia.

The project will focus particularly on the establishment of a cadre of high quality sports staff. Trainers from the International Basketball Federation - Zoran Dozic, Sasha Miletic, Michael Popovic and Milan Hinig will be senior coaches of the project. In addition, a pool of eight local coaches will be formed to work in schools and sports facilities in Berezniki and Solikamsk. These steps will lay the foundation for the future expansion of basketball in both towns, with the aim of developing professional players.

The Company is implementing the project in the towns of Berezniki and Solikamsk for the arrangement of recreation areas, which include a street workout area and a children’s playground.

In 2015, such facilities were installed in 8 residential districts of Berezniki, supplemented by a playground at the Solikamsk Orphanage.

The street workout sites built in Berezniki were used during a series of sports activities for the citizens who wished to train for the GTO norms. Experienced trainers instructed all visitors how to perform exercises using the installed sports equipment. In the period from August to October 2015, 84 training sessions were held.

Uralkali always pays attention to the development of culture and education in the areas where it operates. In 2015, the Company carried out a number of activities in this field:

  • With the support of the Company, the International Theatre Festival “Post Efremov Space” has become traditional for Berezniki. In 2015, the festival was attended by eight theatre groups; over 3000 spectators watched them acting.
  • Funds allocated by Uralkali made it possible to complete the equipment of Solikamsk and Berezniki schools with video surveillance systems to ensure safety in educational institutions.
  • Uralkali supported the restoration of a unique historical monument of wooden industrial architecture — Ust-Borovsk saltworks in Solikamsk, which shows the salt making process in use in XVII — XIX centuries.

In 2015, the ground floor of the saltworks administrative building was completely renovated, and the museum exhibition became available for the visitors.

In 2016, another building was successfully renovated: the Alexander brine tower (one of the production facilities of the saltworks).

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