As a major producer of potash that mines ore underground, Uralkali is committed to responsible waste management. The overwhelming majority (over 99.99%) of waste generated by the Company’s activities is non-hazardous, while all hazardous waste is disposed of in full compliance with environmental legislation.

As part of Uralkali’s efforts to minimise the negative impacts associated with waste management, the Company takes the following measures:

  • Modernising existing and constructing new production facilities to increase the recovery ratio of valuable components from the ore body
  • Backfilling mined-out areas
  • Secondary use of waste (waste processing and transfer for converting into products)
  • Neutralising and disposing of waste at sites that meet the requirements of Russia’s health and environmental legislation
  • Running a production control programme, which monitors the technical condition of slurry storage and salt tailing piles

Uralkali operates its waste disposal facilities in compliance with the requirements of project documentation. The development of a temporary shelter for salt tailings piles is currently underway. The Company regularly monitors the condition of the environment in the area surrounding its waste disposal facilities.

There are nine hydraulic structures (HS) at Uralkali ’s facilities, which include seven slurry storages and two dams. Their safe operation is an important priority for the Company. A full range of analytical activities are conducted at these facilities, with experts monitoring hydraulic structures and their reliability, and long-term durability.