Uralkali recognises its responsibility to maintain the availability and quality of water resources in its region of operation. The Company is committed to minimising negative impact on water bodies.

Uralkali’s activities do not have a significant negative impact on the volume and water content of water bodies from which it withdraws water, or of nearby water bodies that are significant for other water users (River Kama).

Main areas of the Company’s impact on water bodies:

Water Consumption for Production Needs Wastewater Disposal

Water Consumption for Production Needs

Wastewater Disposal

Uralkali works in both areas to reduce its impact on water bodies. The Company has set quantitative targets to cut water consumption by 2022 as compared to 2017. The Company regularly measures water intake and water consumption in accordance with the environmental legislation of the Russian Federation.

Uralkali also makes extensive use of reverse and recirculating water systems, which helps reduce the need for water intake. The volume of water used in our reverse and recirculating water systems is ten times higher than the volume of water consumption, and this figure is growing every year.