Many employees join the Company following in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents. In the Uralkali Museum, visitors can trace the history of numerous families tied to the potash industry.

Uralkali hugely values the loyalty of its employees and works hard to continue to create attractive employement conditions for younger generations.

The Company runs various projects aimed at promoting the health, education and physicall fitness of children and adolescents living in the cities where Uralkali operates:

  • With Uralkali’s support, the Centre for Children’s (Youth) Scientific and Technical Creativity opened laboratories with children’s clubs for learning about robotics, 3D modelling and prototyping. Every year, pupils are given access to a multi-level programme, starting with an introduction to IT technologies and finishing with robot digital control and design
  • In 2019, children were able to join ice hockey and figure skating groups and participate in group sports events and hockey competitions in the new Berezniki sports arena, the construction of which was sponsored by the Company
  • Uralkali allocates funding for the purchase of vehicles and furniture for children’s medical institutions, and the creation of children’s play areas in doctors’ waiting rooms
  • The Company provides recreational opportunities for children at one of the best summer health camps in the Perm region, as well as a health resort on the Black Sea coast
  • Uralkali holds charitable events in orphanages and children’s hospitals and supports children from low-income families, and also equips preschool institutions with new playgrounds
  • The Company runs an ongoing Kali-Basket project to promote basketball with young people in the cities of Berezniki and Solikamsk, and sponsors tournaments for sports including boxing, sambo, judo, Greco-Roman wrestling and others.

Uralkali has created an efficient and multi-level training and retraining system for highly-skilled professionals from the potash industry.

The Company carries out targeted recruitment of school graduates by sponsoring them through industry-specific higher education. Starting from the second year, the Company pays a scholarship to students involved in the programme, the amount of which depends on their academic performance. In addition, the students receive paid practical training at Uralkali’s divisions. All graduates of the programme are guaranteed to receive employment from Uralkali as well as additional payments depending on their results averages.

Since 2006, Uralkali has been paying personal scholarships to students under a cooperation agreement between the Company and the Perm National Research Polytechnic University (PNRPU) and its Berezniki branch.

A total of 3,000 roubles is paid to each student at the end of each semester. The main candidate selection criteria are excellent academic performance, engagement in potash-related scientific work, successful internship and active participation in the social activities of their universities.

In addition to university students, Uralkali also offers personal scholarships to students from the Berezniki Polytechnic and Solikamsk Mining and Chemical Colleges.

The Company is constantly expanding the network of educational institutions it cooperates with for the training and recruitment of young professionals.