Uralkali believes that maintaining strong and trusting relationships with stakeholders is important to the Company’s success. Uralkali’s approach to stakeholder engagement is based on openness and mutual respect; the Company strives to promptly provide feedback on all issues.

Uralkali’s main stakeholder groups are:

Interaction with Customers and Partners

Efficient interaction with customers and partners supports the achievement of the Company's goals and objectives.

Stakeholder group interests and expectations:


  • High-quality products
  • Reliable supply
  • Competitive prices
  • Advice on the use of products


  • Long-term cooperation agreements
  • Adherence to contractual obligations

Areas of Uralkali’s Activities:

  • Regular assessment of customer satisfaction
  • Tracking product quality at all stages of a product’s life cycle
  • Meeting with customers at workshops and master classes to educate on the use of the Company’s products
  • Supplier reliability check

Work with Shareholders and the Investment Community

Assisting shareholders and the investment community in making decisions to support the business long-term.

Stakeholder Group Interests and Expectations:

  • Transparency of information
  • Effective corporate governance system
  • Delivery of the Company’s strategy
  • Sustainable development
  • Effective risk management

Areas of Uralkali’s Activities:

  • Holding general shareholder meetings
  • Information disclosure and reporting
  • Maintaining high standards of corporate governance


The creation of attractive working and living conditions not only has a positive impact on employees but also contributes to the prosperity of the business.

Stakeholder Group Interests and Expectations:

  • Compliance with the Labour Code, collective agreements, internal regulations and policies
  • Fair remuneration
  • Career opportunities and development
  • Adherence to labour safety requirements

Areas of Uralkali’s Activities:

  • Material and non-material incentives
  • Corporate University
  • Feedback channels on HR matters

Interaction with Trade Unions

Interaction with trade unions helps gain a better understanding of employee expectations.

Stakeholder Group Interests and Expectations:

  • Employee loyalty
  • Compliance with labour safety regulations
  • Performance of collective agreements
  • Discussion of topical social issues

Areas of Uralkali’s Activities:

  • Regular meetings between management and trade union members
  • Collecting feedback from employees
  • Discussing topical issues, career prospects and ways to improve working conditions

Interaction with Government and Local Authorities

Uralkali strives to maintain constructive relations with the authorities based on the principles of responsibility, integrity and respect for mutual interests.

Stakeholder Group Interests and Expectations:

  • Discussion of legislative and regulatory acts
  • Timely payment of taxes
  • Joint delivery of social projects
  • Transparent reporting

Areas of Uralkali’s Activities:

  • Supporting authorities and non-governmental organisations on the implementation of social projects
  • Maintaining a dialogue with government bodies on topical legislative and regulatory issues
  • Agreement for social and economic cooperation

Local Communities

As a socially responsible company, Uralkali runs programmes to support local communities and the region where it operates.

Stakeholder Group Interests and Expectations:

  • A stable socio-economic situation in the region of operation
  • Programmes to develop education, healthcare, culture and sports in the region of operation
  • Support for socially vulnerable groups
  • Corporate philanthropy
  • Ensuring environmental safety

Areas of Uralkali’s Activities:

  • Meetings with local community representatives
  • Publications in local media
  • Maintaining contact with non-governmental organisations
  • Corporate philanthropy

Interaction with Mass Media

Interaction with the mass media provides the Company with an opportunity to inform stakeholders about its activities and supports Uralkali’s reputation.

Stakeholder Group Interests and Expectations:

  • Information on recent Company news and events
  • Covering social and charitable programmes, operational results

Areas of Uralkali’s Activities:

  • Preparation and distribution of information materials for mass and social media
  • Information on the Company’s website
  • Organisation of press tours and press conferences
  • Holding events to draw the audience’s attention to various areas of the Company’s activities