In line with the principles of sustainable development, Uralkali participates in the social life of the the region where it operates, and this plays an essential role in the regionís development. When building a system of corporate social responsibility, Uralkali is guided by the principles of the ISO 26000 standard.

The Company contributes to the improvement of living standards and social well-being of people living in the region where it opereates, i.e. the Perm region, specifically the cities of Berezniki and Solikamsk. Uralkali takes an active part in the life of the cities where it operates.

The Company supports and develops the economy of Berezniki and Solikamsk through annual tax payments in excess of USD 250 million, purchasing goods from local suppliers (more than 95% of suppliers are local) and employing from the local population (over 95% of employees are residents of the Perm region).

Uralkali is committed to maintaining effective relations with federal and local authorities that are based on the principles of responsibility, integrity and respect for mutual interests. The Companyís cooperation with local authorities is based on Partnership Agreements aimed at ensuring that investments in important social and economic projects have a long-term positive impact.

Rights of Indigenous Communities

Uralkali respects the rights of local communities. Uralkaliís operations do not affect indigenous communities. In cases where there are indigenous communities in the regions where the Company is considering expanding into in the future, the Company will interact with them in accordance with the Human Rights Policy which establishes the obligation to respect the rights, culture and customs of indigenous communities.

Uralkali has committed voluntarily to socially significant projects targeted at developing the territories where it operates, including the following areas to support the development of local communities:

  • Employment of the local population
  • Making tax payments
  • Maintaining high-quality medical care
  • Providing assistance to municipal and public organisations
  • Promoting the development of sports, culture and education
  • Sponsoring and delivering charitable projects
  • Developing infrastructure
  • Improving accommodation for Company employees and other residents in the region where Uralkali operates

The responsibility for social engagement with the region of operation is shared between the Companyís HR and Communications Directorate, the PR Department and the GR Directorate.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
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Charity and Sponsorship Policy
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Local Community Engagement Policy
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