Uralkali’s social investments are aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle and creating favourable living conditions in the Perm region for its employees, their families and local communities in general.

One of the Company’s priorities is the development of infrastructure in the cities where it operates, as well as physical culture and sports, education, culture and medicine.

Moreover, the Company partners with local authorities and non-governmental organisations to run various charitable programmes aimed at supporting vulnerable social groups, including veterans, children, people with disabilities and low-income groups.

Uralkali promotes physical activity, sports and healthy lifestyles in the cities where it operates. Every year the Company sponsors sports organisations and the construction of sports facilities. Following the opening of a new modern sports facility in Berezniki in 2019, local residents now have year-round access to ice skating, children’s hockey and figure skating, group events and competitions.

The Company provides annual support to such major sporting events as:

  • Stroganov Mile Russian Snowkiting Championship
  • Ski race in memory of S. I. Krylov
  • Stroganovskaya Regata sailing races
  • Championship of the Volga Federal District in Greco-Roman wrestling

Uralkali supports local athletes wishing to participate in Russian and international kickboxing competitions and sponsors the Swimming Federation of the Perm region, local judo, boxing, arm wrestling and hockey federations.

The Company is also focused on popularising sports and healthy lifestyles among children and youth in Solikamsk and Berezniki.

For several years, Uralkali has been running a project to promote basketball in Berezniki and Solikamsk with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle among young population.

Uralkali invests in educational and cultural programmes for residents in the cities where it operates, especially the younger generations.

The Company regularly supports cultural events, including New Year celebrations, the Solikamsk and Berezniki City Days, Victory Day and others, and also sponsors international folklore festivals, and cultural and educational projects.

Uralkali also funds the repair and restoration of important sites such as the as the Solikamsk Salt History Museum and the Usolye Stroganovskoye Museum Reserve.

Education projects include:

  • Research grants for university professors
  • Funding for materials and technical resources for educational institutions
  • Support for the Department of Technology and All-Round Mechanisation for Mineral Deposits Development at the Berezniki branch of the Perm National Research Polytechnic University (BB PNRPU), as well as the training and research centre and laboratories at the Potash Institute (structural unit of the Perm State Technical University)
  • Cooperation with non-profit organisation ’Russia — the Country of Opportunities’ under the Internship 2.0 project
  • A job fair in the regions to recruit high-skilled employees
  • Funding scholarships for students of disciplines needed by the Company
  • Running a targeted education programme for school graduates in the cities of Berezniki and Solikamsk

Uralkali is committed to ensuring quality healthcare is available to local residents in its regions of presence. In this regard, the Company has initiated a healthcare support programme in Solikamsk and Berezniki to attract qualified medical staff to the area and improve medical services. As part of the programme, Uralkali finances the purchase of medical equipment, cars and furniture for medical institutions.

To support the health of children, the Company provides acces to one of the best summer health camps in the Perm region, as well as a health resort on the Black Sea coast.

Uralkali strives to create favourable conditions for residents of the Perm region by investing in the development of infrastructure and the improvement of living conditions for the populations of Solikamsk and Berezniki. The Company also runs initiatives to protect the natural environment, holding environmental clean-up days, tree planting and arranging flower beds.

Housing Programmes for Employees

Uralkali is implementing a large-scale project for the construction of residential buildings in Berezniki and Solikamsk. Some of the apartments in these buildings are intended for Company employees, who will be able to purchase them on preferential terms. All of the residential courtyards will be landscaped and the complexes will include car parks, recreation areas for children and adults, sports grounds and bicycle storage.

Uralkali cooperates with public and charitable foundations to provide support to vulnerable social groups. Charitable activities are planned based on requests from local citizens or Company proposals.

The Company cooperates with the following non-governmental organisations:

  • Solikamsk City Public Organisation of Disabled People ’Luch’
  • Berezniki local organisation of the All-Russia Society of Disabled People
  • Berezniki city organisation of the All-Russia Organisation of Disabled People ’Chernobyl’ Union of Russia
  • City councils of veterans of war, labour, armed forces and law enforcement agencies in the cities of Berezniki and Solikamsk
  • City Wildlife Conservation Society (Berezniki)
  • ’Planet of Childhood’ charitable foundation (Berezniki)
  • Local non-governmental organisation ’Berezniki Union of War Veterans’