Having highly skilled and committed employees is the key to maintaining effective and sustainable business processes. Therefore, we pay special attention to securing the involvement, satisfaction and loyalty of the staff. Developments in this area are undertaken based on the results of sociological studies which the Company conducts annually among the current and potential employees.

Uralkali has a strong focus on safety. In 2012 we issued the Cardinal Rules which are mandatory for the Company's and contractors’ employees. Innovative protection equipment and warnings of possible hazards are also being introduced regularly into the manufacturing process.   

Our team consists of skilled and intelligent workers, professionals with thorough knowledge and love for their work. Uralkali offers a competitive salary, social benefits and many opportunities for professional growth and career development.

Staff relations are systematised in accordance with the long-term strategy of the Company and legislative requirements.

For them, we create modern and comfortable working conditions, offer competitive and stable salaries, one of the best benefits packages in the industry, special attention to occupational safety and health protection.

  • increased productivity
  • development of managerial skills to ensure the stability of the management team
  • maintaining favourable working conditions to ensure the protection of life and health of personnel
  • USD 12.837 — the average annual salary (based on 2018 results) in the main production unit (including annual bonuses)
  • 43 900 training avtivities
  • up to 70% — reimbursement for meals
  • 100% — compensation of ski centres costs
  • 50% — compensation of the swimming pool costs
  • 2.92 million US dollars — the Company’s expenses for the transportation of workers to and from work place in 2018
  • The corporate programme — repayment of interest on loans for the improvement of living conditions
  • The construction of residential buildings was started for Uralkali Group employees in autumn 2018: two houses with 100 apartments in Berezniki, and two houses with 175 apartments in Solikamsk
  • The Collective Bargaining Agreement of Uralkali is one of the best in the industry and highly rated by the Perm regional trade union organisation of Rosikhimprofsoyuz
  • Uralkali launched the biggest Corporate University in the potash industry — 250 academic programmes, 467 teachers, 20 000 students per year, more than 3 thousand sq. m. of educational space)
  • The WorldSkills movement is another advanced tool for the development of personnel. It develops labour resources in accordance with market requirements and conducts championships for talented specialists in order to compare and improve their professional skills in relation to global standards. In 2018, the Company took part in a national championship of end-to-end professions of high- tech industries according to the WorldSkills methodology in the competence of “non-destructive management”
  • To ensure personnel continuity and prepare managers, the Company carries out the centralised formation and improvement of managerial personnel reserve.
  • In 2018, a group-wide personnel reserve of 1,612 people was established ensuring personnel stability and safety of the Company.