Our employees

Employees are one of our key stakeholder groups and one which makes a significant contribution to the result of our operations and, therefore, achievement of our strategic objectives.

We strongly believe that employee satisfaction is a necessary condition for their loyalty to the Company, as well as professional ambitions and initiative Ė indeed, these are the very qualities that we want to see in our colleagues. In turn, Uralkali provides its employees with opportunities for development, optimal working conditions and attractive compensation.

Detailed information on remuneration, career development and social guarantees can be found in the†Annual Report and in the Careers†section of our website.


The Groupís†
Mission, Vision and Values†are the core of our corporate culture.

The primary management objective is finding a balance between the interests of our employees, the Company and all other stakeholders. The basic principles of this objective are set out in the Code of Corporate Culture. Each employee should fully understand that following the rules of the Code and accepting our values are crucial to achieving the successful cooperation of the individual and the Company as an organisation. As such, we do not only aim to transfer our values to new employees, we also ensure compliance with them by experienced workers.

Uralkaliís successes and achievements, business reputation and a favourable atmosphere in the workplace largely depend on the willingness of our employees to create and maintain a positive corporate culture and on their ability to build constructive relationships. The main reference point for us is our Code of Corporate Culture and the ethical principles adopted in the Company.

In 2014, the ethics of corporate relations in Uralkali were enhanced by an institution of new ethical commissioners with a task to contribute to an atmosphere of trust and understanding within the team. Our ethical commissioners examine in detail each and every request of the Companyís employees and offer them guidelines on how to behave in difficult ethical situations. All this is necessary to prevent potential violations and conflicts, and to make the work environment in the Company even more comfortable so that our employees can achieve better results and maintain the high business reputation of Uralkali.

Currently, the Companyís ethical commissioners are as follows:
  • Irina Konstantinova, HR Director of Uralkali
  • Vitaly Lauk, Technical Director of Uralkali
  • Marina Shvetsova, Legal and Corporate Affairs Director of Uralkali

If an employee of the Company needs to get a correct answer to a difficult question or receive help in a conflict situation, they should contact the ethical commissioners by e-mail at ethics@uralkali.com.