A commitment to ’safety first’ underpins all activities and decisions taken by the Company. Uralkali understands that any actions taken without due forethought can have negative consequences for the Company, its employees, their families and society in general. To prevent accidents, incidents and occupational diseases, the Company implements a set of measures to create safe working conditions, taking into account the specifics of all production processes.

In order to preserve the life and health of its employees, Uralkali has introduced an occupational health and safety system and applies its Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy, which commites to HSE as a key priority for the Company.

Zero Injuries

Zero Accidents

The HSE Policy sets strategic HSE priorities such as achieving zero accidents and incidents at work. Tasks and activities to achieve these goals are set out within the Functional HSE Strategy setting out the planned HSE activities. To track occupational health and safety changes, the Company measures indicators such as LTIFR, LDR and the number of accidents.

Uralkali is constantly working to improve its occupational health and safety management system. The Company’s entire management team is involved in the work of HSE management bodies.

Relevant Committees affiliated to the CEO meet on an ongoing basis, while at Board level HSE issues are reviewed by the Sustainable Development Committee. The Committee develops HSE policies and monitors compliance of the Company’s activities in this area with legal requirements. The HSE Directorate monitors the implementation of decisions taken by the Committees affiliated to the CEO, including the HSE Department.

Occupational, Industrial and Fire Safety Policy
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