Cardinal Rules

In 2012, Uralkali implemented the Cardinal Rules programme, the first of its kind for a Russian company. The Company analysed workplace injury statistics for the previous five years, and identified the dangerous activities causing 90% of accidents. On the basis of the analysis, Uralkali drew up seven safety rules by which employees and contractors must strictly comply. Under the rules, the following activities are strictly prohibited:

  1. Smoking in a mine;
  2. Working near live electricity;
  3. Loading and unloading while people are in dangerous proximity;
  4. Working at height without the use of a safety harness;
  5. Working and being in the working space of a tunneling machine while in operation;
  6. Working in tunnels without roof support and/or roof bolts;
  7. Repairs and servicing of conveyors in operation, or using conveyors to move people and goods.

Any proven breach of rules will result in a dismissal in accordance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. Contractors’ employees who violated the rules are banned from Uralkali facilities for a year.

The Company intends to further improve the Cardinal Rules and procedures for their use. From 1 January 2014 all subsidiaries and affiliated companies put into effect their own Cardinal Rules which will include specific aspects of their activities, such as those related to transportation.