Contractors are required to comply fully with all of the Company’s labour and industrial safety requirements, including the Cardinal Rules. This is essential to the development of the Company’s safety culture and in ensuring zero injuries and accidents.

Contractors’ compliance with occupational health and safety requirements is monitored thoughout their engagement, and the relevant requirements are included in their contracts. Contractors that do not comply with safety requirements are subject to penalties including contract termination.

The Company works with contractors on initiatives to prevent industrial injuries. Contractors participate in meetings devoted to health and safety as well as in health and safety training. Large contractors participate in meetings with the CEO to discuss occupational health and safety issues.

Contractor safety

Contractor safety is evaluated at every stage of engagement.

At The Bidding Stage:
  • Checking that contractors have a workplace safety system in place, including safety training, appropriate employee qualifications, and the required permits for the use of certain equipment
  • Analysis of contractor injury rates
When Providing Access and During Work:
  • Introductory briefing before entering the site and starting work
  • Required review of the Company’s HSE Policy
  • Checking contractors’ compliance with HSE Department requirements, technical control and technical supervision
  • Monitoring injury rates, the number of accidents and fatalities