Uralkali strives to maintain an environment of trust and mutual understanding, as this supports adherence to ethical business principles in everyday work. The rules and norms of ethical conduct at Uralkali are enshrined in the Code of Corporate Culture.

The Company is committed to supporting employees in difficult situations. Uralkali has developed a handbook for employees on how to react in situations where eithical business principles are violated. The Company has also established an Institute of Ethical Commissioners which employees can contact for advice in more complex situations.

Institute of Ethical Commissioners

The Institute of Ethical Commissioners has been in place since 2014. Employees can contact Ethical Commissioners for advice on issues related to conflicts, ethical or human rights violations. The consultations take place in person, by phone or email.

Based on their inquiries, Ethical Representatives develop individual guidelines of conduct for each employee involved in an ethical dilemma in the workplace.

Currently, the Companys Ethical Representatives are:

  • Irina Konstantinova  HR and Communications Director of PJSC Uralkali
  • Eduard Smirnov  Technical Director of PJSC Uralkali
  • Marina Shvetsova  Legal and Corporate Director of PJSC Uralkali

If any Company employee needs advice regarding a difficult ethical question or help in a conflict situation, they should contact the Ethical Representatives by e-mail: ethics@uralkali.com.