Uralkali is one of the worlds largest producers of potash, which can either be applied directly to soil to increase its fertility or mixed with nitrogen and phosphate to produce compound NPK fertilisers. Additionally, potash is frequently applied for industrial needs in various sectors, including oil production, metallurgy etc.

  • We have access to the second largest reserve base globally, the Verkhnekamskoye potassium and magnesium salt deposit, where Uralkali extracts ore at a depth of approximately 400 metres. The ore we extract contains between 25% to 35% Muriate of Potash (MOP).
  • As a result of enrichment, mineral stock, which is a natural mixture of commercial component (MOP) and other substances (mainly sodium chloride and sludge), is transformed into concentrate, a finished product which is over 95% MOP.
  • The production process at Uralkali does not only strictly comply with best in class global standards but also satisfies the requirements of our diverse customer base.
  • To ensure this, Uralkali regularly monitors all of the quality indicators as well as constantly capturing customer satisfaction, which contributes to building long-term relationships with both domestic and international clients.

Message to Uralkali’s existing and potential buyers

Dear customers!

Due to a growing number of reports that counterfeit potash is sold as a product of Uralkali, we recommend that you contact Uralkali’s Call Centre if you doubt the origin or quality of the product you have purchased or intend to buy. Our specialists will help you check product documentation (the sales contract, bill of lading, quality certificate) to make sure you get the genuine material.

You can purchase potash of guaranteed quality directly from Uralkali or from our verified counterparties that have direct supply contract with Uralkali. For a list of these counterparties, please click here.

Please note that Uralkali has no contractual relationships with these organisations. We therefore cannot guarantee that the products offered by the listed companies were in fact made by Uralkali.

Export sales

Uralkali received a number of reports from its international customers complaining about a very poor quality of the products allegedly made by Uralkali. Our investigations showed that in all such instances the product was shipped by organisations, which did not have contractual relations with Uralkali and which supplied counterfeit products with forged documentation. Unfortunately, we were unable to determine the origin of the counterfeit products.

For your information, the only organisation authorised to sell our products outside of Russia is Uralkali Trading DMCC.

How to avoid fraud

Dear customers,

To help you avoid fraud and scam deals, please find a number of useful tips.

What may indicate a scame deal:

  • The supplier's name in the supply contract is a well-known company, although payment documents indicate other recipients. Sometimes, scammers create names deliberately looking very similar to major players to confuse buyers.
  • The price is well below market.
  • Check the national regisiter to see when the supplier was established. You may find that the supplier was only created recently, which is not a good sign.

Scammers usually avoid personal meetings and try to communicate by e-mail or mobile phones (they would typically not have a landline number or corporate email addresses).

You can try looking up your supplier in a publically available online of offline directory like 2GIS, Google Maps etc. to see if the telephone number or e-mail used in your communications really belongs to the organisation they claim to be.

Suppliers of counterfeit products would try to avoid providing you with documents indicating the origin of the goods like a sale and purchase agreement, quality certificate, waybill etc. Often scammers would cite confidentiality reasons for not providing these documents.

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List of the companies signed direct contracts with Uralkali on sales of the Companys products


List of the companies with no contract relations with Uralkali


List of the companies signed direct contracts with Uralkali on sales of the Companys products


List of the companies with no contract relations with Uralkali