Uralkali works very hard to ensure that its deposits are developed in the safest way possible. The Company takes comprehensive measures to backfill mined-out areas to prevent flooding.

The Company regularly monitors the geological environment at all of its operating mine fields as well as areas that are being prepared for development. The main purpose of this monitoring is to swiftly identify hazardous situations so that emergency prevention and response measures can be quickly prepared.

As part of the monitoring, the Company evaluates potential risks that could impact the cities of Berezniki and Solikamsk. Through processing the data, the Company can predict any changes to geological conditions and identify potentially dangerous areas. The results of Uralkaliís monitoring are submitted to scientific institutions, relevant government departments and various supervisory bodies.

Safety is Uralkaliís absolute priority during mining operations. In particular, the Company carefully evaluates the mining parameters at which deformation of the earthís surface will not lead to damage of the surface facilities. Engineering organisations prepare plans for the development of mining at a deposit based on previous studies of the depositís geological structure and aligned with regulatory requirements to protect mines from flooding.