The Company’s success relies on the professionalism, satisfaction, engagement and creativity of its employees.

Uralkali works on the basis of having a social partnership with its employees, providing equal opportunities, ongoing dialogue, engaging employees in Company activities and giving them the opportunity to participate in professional associations.

Uralkali regularly analyses its personnel management risks, which include the potential shortage of qualified personnel. The Company takes a number of measures to minimise this risk, including creating an external and internal talent pool, training employees, attracting applicants from the local region, ensuring salary growth and expanding the network of technical universities with which it cooperates for graduate recruitment.

Number and composition

Uralkali has been ranked as one of Russia’s best employers and is one of the largest employers in the Perm region, with a workforce of more than 20,000 people.

Approximately 70% of all Company employees are men. The high proportion is a result of industry specifics and Russian legal restrictions on certain work for women.

Almost all of the Company’s employees work under full-time, indefinite-term employment contracts.

Since 2017, Uralkali’s effective HR policies have led to reduced employee attrition.

The main regulatory act governing social and labour relations is the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Collective Bargaining Agreement postulates the following principal rights of Uralkali employees:

  • To participate in trade unions
  • To collective bargaining
  • To training and professional development
  • To an increase in salaries and social benefits
  • To medical care
  • To participate in the Company’s management through trade union organisations or general meetings, etc.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement also regulates labour relations between employees and the Company, working hours, which cannot exceed 40 hours per week, and rest time, alongside remuneration rates to ensure that employees’ salaries are not below the subsistence level.

The creation of equal opportunities and zero tolerance to any form of discrimination in the workplace are guaranteed by Uralkali’s Human Rights Policy and the Code of Corporate Culture. The Company does not permit any form of discrimination, whether in terms of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability or nationality.

Uralkali offers a wide range of training programmes to ensure both new job applicants and existing employees have equal opportunities with regard to promotion, remuneration and professional development.

When recruiting new employees, the Company first conducts an analysis of the local labour market, to look for potential employees with the necessary knowledge and competencies.

The Company also hires people with disabilities and from vulnerable social groups. For candidates who have the necessary experience and knowledge but do not possess formal qualifications, the Company offers apprenticeships and training schemes.

Uralkali offers industrial placement opportunities and further educational materials for young professionals. Sponsored students who have completed their diplomas are guaranteed a job offer from Uralkali.

The Company’s existing personnel assessment system makes it possible to objectively evaluate employees’ skills and efficiency levels using a set of methodological and analytical tools. This supports the process of recruiting employees, selecting talent pool candidates, selecting employees for advanced training and professional development courses, and calculating employee bonuses based on KPIs.

Social and cultural diversity

«People are at the heart of our success. We can achieve the greatest results when people of different professions and generations work together. Uralkali welcomes diversity among its employees, Board members, suppliers and other stakeholders. This means people of diverse age, experience, nationality and much more. We strive to inspire our people and help them to maintain a results-oriented mindset. Our people, their potential and diversity are one of the main values of Uralkali.»

Irina Konstantinova, Deputy CEO — Head of HR and Communications

The mission, vision and values of Uralkali, shared by its employees, form the basis of the Company’s corporate culture. Uralkali’s corporate culture is a platform that balances the interests of employees and all other stakeholders.

The Company has adopted a Code of Corporate Culture setting out the basic principles, standarts and rules of interatcion and behaviour.

Uralkali’s corporate culture supports open and transparent engagement. Any employee is welcome to put forward proposals, questions or ideas for consideration by the management. The Company operates a call centre that aggregates inquiries from all stakeholders. Uralkali’s Initiate programme invites young employees to propose efficiency improvement initiatives. At annual meetings with the CEO both current employees and alumni can discuss the most relevant issues.

In addition, Uralkali’s Institute of Ethical Commissioners works hard to reduce the risk of conflicts and violations, which also helps maintain the mental wellbeing of employees. For more information, see Ethics and Human Rights.

To support team cohesion, Uralkali organises various corporate sporting and other all-company events (Chemist’s Day, Miner’s Day, Uralkali Corporate Sports Games), as well as professional skills competitions.

Uralkali encourages its employees to pursue healthy lifestyles and creates opportunities for physical education and sporting activities.

Uralkali also has a volunteer movement where it involves its employees in environmental and social projects. Volunteers hold charity events in nursing homes, orphanages, children’s hospitals and animal shelters, and support children from low-income families. They also run environmental clean-up days and competitions and support federal, regional and urban projects.